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Aquariums and fountains in Feng Shui

Have you ever heard that aquarium is a feng shui tool? Or that a fountain can bring you wealth? Do you think it’s true?
Indeed fountains and aquariums are used in feng shui. But where they should be placed? If you read in a modern magazine that you should install it at the North sector because this is a career sector, then no, it will not be good to place a fountain there. This is because dividing a dwelling into 8 universal sectors – wealth, love, career etc. – is not the part of traditional feng shui. Fountains and aquariums are used in traditional feng shui for giving water to benevolent yang energies. But where are these energies in your house or apartment we can’t know without auditing your dwelling. Good energies that bring good possibilities to participants are different and inhabit different parts of different homes.

Water activates energies. And it doesn’t matter what energies are here – good or bad. Water activates any of them. This is why it’s not good to place a fountain in some place without knowing what its energies could bring.

If you heard that fishes bring good luck I must say it’s not actually true. Fishes don’t bring luck; they move water making it more active. Water activates energies. If water activates favorable energies then yes you will have good luck but not because of fishes. And it’s doesn’t really matter how many fishes will swim in your aquarium. You can have as much fishes as you like.

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