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Feng Shui audit sample

There is a feng shui audit for apartment unit. A family - husband and wife (Mr. and Mrs. N) and their son - lived in the apartment. Now the couple is divorced. Three people live in the apartment: Mrs. N, her son and the son's wife.

The house was built in 5 time period. Facing direction - South, 3rd sector.

The tenants' Guas:
Mrs. N (Angelina) - Gua 2
Son (Andrew) - Gua 1
Son's wife (Helen) - Gua 7

The entrance

The energies here are not in harmonious relationship. It is recommended to add Metal for weakening negative aspects. Now there is a little wind chime here, it's good.

The recommended colors here - white, gray, silver, gold, dark blue and blue. Inappropriate colors here - red, orange, pink.


There are conflict energies. They could produce conflict, quarrels, inapprehension.
It's necessary to add Fire and Metal here. Despite of some amount of fire here because of cooker, it's recommended to add more Fire element in the the form of red color - for example red curtains or red table-cloth that have a golden ornament. Or the kitchen furniture may be pink with golden handles. Besides I recommend installing some metal vases, for decreasing negative energies. These may be small decorative vases preferably golden in color with widebase. Adding a couple of guards would be more effective. Metal housewares will be good for this kitchen - metal fruit vases, metal salt and pepper boxes etc.

Room 1

The room is in the south-east and south sectors of the apartment. This is the most unfavorable room in the apartment. The energies here tell about a conflict between husband and wife, and there is a possibility of divorce.
Besides the south sector (marked with 695) suffers from active negative energy entering through the balcony. The energy in this room may lead to annoying affairs, accidents etc. Actually there is a very quiet street, therefore the negative effect is diminished, but it isn't possible to ignore these negative energies.

The history of this family exactly reflects the influence of energies (also called flying stars). The family moved to this apartment approximately 10 years ago. The couple's bedroom was in this room (room1). In several years the couple divorced. At the moment of feng shui audit the bedroom of Mrs. N was in this room.

The energies here are unfavorable not only for relationships but they can affect the health condition. It's highly recommended not to use this room as a bedroom; furthermore it is possible to make a bedroom in a different room of the apartment; and not only simply in a different room,but it is possible to have a bedroom in the most favorable place in this time period. Now we are living in 8th time period, which started at February 2004 and will continue next 20 years.

Recommendations for improvement:
First of all I recommend moving the bedroom to another room. The best sector for sleep and rest is the West sector. It would be good to make a bedroom in the room 2 or room 3.

The room 1 has two windows therefore it's possible to close one of them with curtains. I recommend curtaining the window in the South sector or hanging semitransparent tulle (almost light-tight) transmitting less light. The silver and golden colors are advisable for the curtains. It can be golden or silver with glitter effect. The window in the South-East sector should receive as much light as possible. It will be good to open this window at daytime allowing fresh air to come in.

This room can be used as the home office. This room is most favorable room for Andrew to work. Active energy of the south-east is good for him. It's advisable to install the table in such a way that Andrew can seat to the south wall with his back and look north - his favorable direction.

The negative influence of energies of illness will be not prominent in the workplace. It's recommended to install two gourds or metal vases (brass, copper, silver or gold). It will be good to install vases, not as small as in the kitchen but two big floor vases. Install them in the south-east sector, for example on both sides of the window. The vases must be hollow, have wide base and narrow bottleneck. The gourds will be even more effective. It will be good to use other metal decorative objects and maybe some metal furniture like bookcases.

The preferable colors for this room are golden (but not yellow!), silver, white, gray and dark blue. The colors can be combined.

The massive furniture must be installed in the south sector - near the window or along the wall in the south sector. It will be good to install a small fountain on the table (or nearby) if this room will be used as a home office. The fountain should be round. The stream of water must be directed towards the room not to the window.

It's highly unadvisable to use red, orange, pink, yellow, brown colors in this room because they can activate bad energies here. It doesn't mean that some small objects cannot be red. It's about big objects and the general colour of this room. The green color is not advisable here too.

Room 2

The energies of this room may lead to ill behavior which can aggravate conflicts. On the other hand the energies of this room offer improvment of finances.
Besides the west sector is appropriate for a bedroom in the 8th time period.

This room was a living room at the time of feng shui audit. The room was used rarely because family members work and study and they are often out. Hence the energies here influenced insignificantly.

I recommend moving the bedroom from room 1 to this room (room 3 is the bedroom of young family - Andrew and Helen, so we don't consider room 3 as a possible bedroom for Angelina).

The bed must be installed in the west sector where yin energy is favorable for health. The west direction is the "Heavenly Doctor" direction for Angelina. So I recommend to install the bed in the west sector with the headboard to the west wall. The bed must be placed near the wall, not under the window (look at the picture below).

I recommend to open the window in the west sector more frequently than one in the south-west. Near the west window it is possible to install a dresser which can be decorated with crystals. Some decorative dark blue glass objects will be good here as well. General color in this room may be pink. Color of a bedcover could be red, yellow, pink, maroon, brown.

It is advisable to hang semitransparent tulle on the south-west window in this room. To prevent the influence of conflict energies in the south-west sector it would be good to add Fire and Metal. It could be for example quiet red curtains and golden tulle. Or red rug near the balcony door. It would be good to add a couple of decorative metal vases.

There is a double door leading to the room 2. Usually it's recommended to use only one door for a bedroom, the big entrance is not needed. I recommend using the left side of this double door (see the red arrow at the picture) and not to use the right side of this door.

Room 3

The best room in the apartment. The energies here lead to various good events from career promotion to a wedding and birth of a child.

Andrew moved to this room (and to this apartment) when he was at high school. After completion of the school he entered the college which he successfully graduated from as well. Then he was offered an interesting job with good salary. Three years ago Andrew and Helen married and Helen born a child recently.

The bed is in the west sector which is good for Andrew and Helen. The energies of the north-west are good too. It will be good to open the window here as frequently as possible. And I recommend opening the door for allowing good energies to access other parts of the apartment.

Acceptable colors for this room are pink, yellow, beige, brown, light shades of red and violet.

There is a double door in this room. Although usually it's not advisable to have a double door in the bedroom in this case it would be good to open both sides of the door at daytime to allow good energies to get into in the hallway and from there to the other parts of the apartment. If you will use only one side of the door I recommend opening the left side (see the picture). If the only right side of the door will be used then energies can move too fast because the window is in a direct line with the door. And energies entering the room from the left side of the door are more favorable here.

A part of the room is in the north sector. The energies here are not good for sleep and rest and it's not advisable to place child's bed here (it's not here now, it's a comment for the future) because it can lead to bad health.

This room is good for studying. Helen is a student and she can learn lessons in this room. A table can be placed in the north-west near the window. Helen can sit facing south-west - one of her favorable directions. She can seat at the sofa facing north-west (her best direction) or west favorable direction.

Currently the young family with their child moved to another place which is closer to the Andrew's workplace. But it's possible that they return here if they will not like the new living place. Now the room 3 is empty.

Energies of this room are very favorable so it will be good to use this room. There could be a home office or home library, a living room where guests may drink a cup of coffee with the hostess. In other words this room must be used. I recommend opening the window here and open the door to this room allowing good energies fill other parts of the apartment.

There are four cats living in this apartment unit. It will be good if cats can visit this room frequently. Cats will help the energies to move to the other parts of the apartment.
I recommend installing a fountain in this room in the north-west sector. The water here will produce good effect on the active energy.

Feng Shui audit was made at 2004 September.
Feng Shui practitioner: Milana Minaeva.

The above recommendations are right for the 8th time period. The situation will be different at the 9th time period (after the year 2024), necessary corrections should be done then.

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