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You can compute your life-gua here and find out your favorable and unfavorable magnetic directions.
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All trigrams also called life-guas are divided into two groups - Western group and Eastern group. People from one group are more compatible to each other as spouses, business partners etc. People from different groups are less compatible with each other. By filling the form above you can find out whether you and, for example, your friend belong to the same group or not. This information must not be taken rigidly. You can see happy marital unions where spouses belong to different groups.
People from the same group can understand each other easier. If you and your friend belong to different groups just make more efforts for establishing good relationships.

Please note that determining favorable and unfavorable directions is only a part of Feng Shui, this is only one of the factors that must be taken into consideration in Feng Shui system.

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