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What is Feng Shui?
In Chinese language Feng means Wind and Shui means Water. This is a study about harmonious living in the Universe. Feng Shui deals with magnetic field and outside environments to assess the forms and the time factor of your dwelling.

Does Feng Shui relate to any religion?
No. It hasn’t any relation to any religion. It’s a study about Earth’s forces affecting our lives and wellbeing.

Where is the wealth sector?
There is no such sector that is the same for every home. Some modern schools simplified the conception of Feng Shui and created the general sectors of wealth, health, career etc. But such concept has no reference to the classic Feng Shui schools. FSRC follows traditional Feng Shui where there are no such universal sectors that are the same for every home. All houses are individual and have different sectors relating to the health or wealth of inhabitants.

Where is the love sector?
Please see the answer to the question above – about wealth sector.

Can I become rich with Feng Shui?
Feng Shui helps us to improve our life, be more motivated, feel better, but it’s not a divining-rod that can do whatever you want. Every person comes to the Earth with his own destiny, goals and possibilities. If you have Heaven potential to be rich then yes, feng shui can help you to gain that easier and faster. If you have potential to live quite a good life you’ll have it with feng shui in a safer way. Many people came to this life with some tasks and we sometimes meet troubles in our lives. Feng Shui can help us to diminish this troubles but it doesn’t take them away entirely. If someone has chronic disease he can’t become absolutely healthy because of feng shui measures but feng shui can help him to live in harmony with earth’s energies and be healthier.

Who needs Feng Shui audit?
There is no simple answer. The one who wants it, needs it. Sometimes people order feng shui audit when they meet some problems and want to solve them better and faster. Sometimes people have no major problems but want to improve their lives, invite more opportunities. It depends on circumstances.

I live in the southern hemisphere. Should I apply the bagua in a different way – with North on top?
No. South in Bagua is always at the top. Feng shui deals with magnetic field. Magnetic South Pole is on the top of our planet, in other words - not far from the Earth's North Pole. North magnetic pole is near the Earth's South Pole. Magnetism radiates from the North magnetic pole which is near the geographical South Pole. Radiation is the characteristic of the Fire element. So the 9 Fire in the Lo Shu square is on the top.  Such characteristics as fire, hot, summer etc. referring to the south in Bagua are used as associations. In the same way water, winter and cold are used for north in the Bagua.

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