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Milana Minaeva - Feng Shui consultant

Milana Minaeva

Feng Shui Research Center

Joseph Yu

My name is Milana Minaeva. I was born in Russia, in a South Uralian city. When I was a child I liked to examine all dwellings I visited with my parents. In particular I liked to study my grandparents’ apartments when I visited them. Even now I remember most of the details of our and their apartments. The layout of these apartments and design was very interesting to me.
At the age of 6 our family moved to Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where my ancestors lived before revolution of 1917.
Many years after when I started to work I worked as a real estate agent for several years. I visited many apartments and houses for business needs. And it was interesting for me to look at many dwellings and to suppose how dwelling can affect someone’s wellbeing. In 1998 I saw a little article in some magazine about Feng Shui – art of living in harmony with natural forces. This was what I sought all the time – the answers to my questions were there – under the two amazing words Feng Shui.

So since 1998 I started to study everything I was able to find that was related to Feng Shui. There were some strange materials that looked like superstitions mostly. Instead of finding answers more questions arose. But then I found Joseph Yu’s web-site and was very glad. I found not only a world renowned master but the master who approaches to the subject with logic and common sense.
Master Yu has more than 40 years of Feng Shui practice. In 1998 he founded Feng Shui Research Center in Canada, which now has dozens of members around the world. I am one of such members.

More about Joseph Yu read on his web-site.


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